7 365








Well today for me was a continued day of headaches…………….which started yesterday and just wouldn’t disappear.  I took Caitie to work and then tried to rest a little before picking her back up a couple of hours later.   Then after the doctors appointments and the shopping, I ran out of time to get my photo of the day.  I was really lucky as I hunted our garden to find that these flowers had just bloomed and were ready and waiting for me to share them.    So I guess this means week 1 is complete……..7 days and 7 photos!!   Hooray for me.  Now 358 to go!

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6 Responses to 7 365

  1. kelly mcdonald says:

    awesom photo!!!

  2. Becky says:

    I really like this photo! So very pretty, and the water droplets add a little character. Awesome photos =).

  3. Sheridan Davis says:

    This is an amaing photo! The droplets taking on the red colour of the flower look like spilt red wine. This would be fantastic blown up.

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