8 365 Meet Beethoven!

I thought I might share our lovable character called “Beethoven“.  He’s been a part of our family for about 2 years now.  He belongs to my parents but since the granny flat is attached to the house, he’s sort of the family pooch I guess.   Of course Ebony smothers him in affection every chance she gets.  I still have the image of when this little character was left in the granny flat unattended for a moment.  Mum had left the bedroom door open and Beethoven had climbed up on the double bed and left a nice surprise on  my father’s side of the bed………showed what he thought of my Dad I guess (LOL).  He must have a dislike of poor Dad, as another time Dad had gotten up to go to the toilet.  Mum was engrossed in her mills and boons and didn’t watch Beethoven, who had jumped into Dad’s leather chair and did a wee.  So lucky that Dad turned as he was about to sit down and saw the wet chair.  I must admit Beethoven gets a good stirring from dear old dad, so I guess our little friend thought a payback was in order.  So I guess, treat your furry friends with kindness and don’t stir them when your playing otherwise who knows what they have in mind as payback.  Hugs M xxx

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