26 365 Proud little Aussie!!

It’s Australia Day today and thousands of people around the Country are celebrating with family and friends.  The sun was shining, something we never thought would happen with all the rain we’ve been having, which flooded many homes and took innocent lives.  It’s left the country in a mess for the moment, but it won’t be long and we will be back on our feet again.  But……. today the People flocked to the Beaches and Parks in droves and gathered in back yards to celebrate the traditional feast of snags, steaks and even prawns.  Children played, while some families gathered for  a game of cricket and others just relaxed…………something that is well-earned  and definitely needed after the recent events of the floods.  I’m so proud that my parent migrated to Australia over 44 years ago when I was only an infant.  I love the way the people stick together and help each other,  the Aussie life style, its spirit and the outback country living.  I must admit that I find the Aussie sun a little harder to handle now that I’m not a teenager anymore, but life is good.  Today, I spent a relaxing day with my children……….swimming in the pool, eating damper and just having fun.  My photo for today is of my littlest Aussie battler………Ebony!!  Happy Australia Day!!!

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