29 365 Hello Fredo!!

This little froggy was hiding in the old fridge outside and as I hadn’t thought about my photo for today I decided he was going to be my subject.  So after doing all the usual household cleaning and washing I went outside to look for Mr Frog.   He was still there in the fridge waiting  for me.  I  asked  Ebony wet her hands so that she could hold him for me, so that I could take a picture.  She wasn’t very comfortable in holding a slippery frog, especially one that was eating a worm  and as soon as he moved, she squealed and dropped him……poor little frog!  That’s when he jumped onto the screen door and I grabbed my photo before he had a chance to disappear.  It’s amazing how many frogs we have here……croaking away every night.    Ribbit…..Ribbit!!!

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