51 Card games

Sunday……what a lovely day, the only problem was that it went so quickly.  This morning Ebony played a game of sight words with her grandfather.  In the afternoon, it was time for the usual summer swim………….and boy was it needed.  I couldn’t believe how hot it was today, way too hot to do anything other than relax or go for a dip.  Anyway, then this evening Caitie played a game of “Go fish” with Ebony.  So of course when it was time for our game, she wanted to play more of the “Go fish”.  Before we cleaned up the cards we tried to build the cards up in rows to see how high we could go, of course the fan kept blowing them down. So then,  I had to make it twice just so Ebony got the chance to knock it down herself.  So here is the photo we took, just before bed time.

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