I gave it a try (Project 365).

Well, I gave it my best shot!  This week I  ran out of time each day to do my photo’s for my 365.  It’s been a week on doctors, specialist, x-rays and blood tests for my two youngest girls and I just haven’t found enough time in the day to get everything done.   It’s definitely harder than you think trying to photography your children each and everyday, especially when they are teenagers.  I may have to think ahead for next year and do either a Project 52 or a themed Project.  I’ve got a year to think about it I guess, but for now I will continue to photography as often as I can and watch more of those tutorial and best of all……practice, practice and more practice.  See you all soon Hugs M xxxxx

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2 Responses to I gave it a try (Project 365).

  1. Debbie says:

    Congratulations is all I can say

    You got a lot further than i did
    I didnt make a week before i found it too hard with the demands of Cystic Fibrosis with Jalan
    How you did it with everything else going on as well and looking after the rest of the family i dont know
    Jalan takes up most of our time and when she is at school and such we are too exhausted to do much apart from try and keep the house out of a disorganised mess and catch up on everything we miss out on when she is at home and going full speed ahead
    So looking forward to her new fast nebuliser arriving shortly
    I would like to try maybe one a week one
    All i can say is your photography is absolutely awesome and your family are very beautiful

    I love photography and only wish i was half as good as you are

    You are amazing and i have really enjoyed seeing your pictures each day

    Luv Deb

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