Crucifix flower

I’m still trying to take a photo each and everyday……even though I messed up my 365 due to sick kids and appointments……… I’m still trying!  By taking a photo each day, I get to practice with all the new and different elements in photography that I still want to learn.   As as lot of you are aware………. Photography isn’t just snap and there you have it!  There are so many more areas into getting a great image and then there’s all the processing you can do.  In the last year and a half I’ve learnt so much and a lot of that is from friends that I have made in the photography world who have been there every step of the way with advice and useful tips and tricks.  I’ve realised too that you never stop learning in photography as there are so many area’s to sink your teeth into, but it all takes time.   So,  today I took a photo of my tiny  “Crucifix orchids” to share with you all…….hope your enjoying the journey and if your happy to, please leave a comment and come back and visit me again. 🙂

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4 Responses to Crucifix flower

  1. kelly says:

    (ps.. i love getting my email to see what your up to!)

  2. Sheridan says:

    Manuela, I am so glad that you have not given up taking the 365 challenge, I enjoying seeing each one in my inbox. I have especially enjoyed the cat photographs of late, almost makes me want to get another cat :oD

    • Awwwww……thanks Sheridan! Thank you for the kind message, it gave me the warm and fuzzes! As for getting another cat, she’s beautiful……by boy does she get into mischief!! She run’s like the wind through the house and up the curtains and crews on all my hanging or in the way cords. I’d forgot all about this side of things. At least she was fully toilet trained when we picked her up, so that at least was good. Thanks again Sheridan and I look forward to you popping in again. Hugs M 🙂

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