Making memories!

I was going through my photo’s from earlier this year and I came across this one.  It is a gorgeous photo of my youngest daughter Ebony at the Gold Coast.  She was scared of the water and would only play in the sand.  Here she was trying to get close enough to get some water in her little pot but didn’t want to get her feet wet.  It was just such a precious moment watching her get the confidence and by the end of the afternoon she was able to get her feet wet and play chasey with the waves………………..running in and out with the tide.  At one stage the wave came up so fast behind her that it knocked her over…………..but she got back up and dried off before jumping around the waters edge again.  These really are the moments that melt my heart………..the ones to cherish and capture of the everyday life.  I certainly have a lot of memories…… it’s nice to look through the photo’s and regain some of the ones that you’d forgotten about over time.   I’m sure you can find a picture in your home that’s tucked away……..a forgotten memory that once you see the photo comes flooding back and melts your heart.   Enjoy!!

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4 Responses to Making memories!

  1. so gorgeous, embrace every moment 🙂

  2. Jenny Ruddle says:

    Gorgeous photo Manuela, timeless!!!

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