Kitty update…..

My Little Mischief maker!

Our little kitty has been getting herself into a lot of mischief these last few days.  I’d forgotten all the trouble they can cause.  From the moment she opens her eyes in the morning, she’s chasing everyone all over the house.  She bounces on your head first thing in the morning, as if to tell you it’s time to get up… NOW!!!…….and she has all the kids jumping around as she skittles for their feet too.  Not to mention all the cords she seems to find and chew on!  I never knew we had that many until now. 

At least I can say she’s very well toilet trained!  We only had one accident and that was because little Ebony wouldn’t leave Marmalade alone long enough to remember where her little house was.  LOL   Tonight, as the kids where getting ready for bed I found Marmalade fast asleep on her back in Caitie’s arms……it was so cute that I just had to get a photo of it.  She’s certainly entertaining that’s for sure!!!



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