My late Mother’s Day post.

Mother’s Day to me is about the simple pleasures in life………..spending the day with my children gives me the greatest joys.  I’m finding now that most of my children are older, it’s definitely getting harder and harder to get them together in the same place, there’s usually always someone missing.  I loved when they were little, waking me up on Mother’s Day with their cheeky little faces and handmade surprises.  It felt so good to have them snuggled up with me in my bed, full of giggles in the mornings before I’d have to start my day.  Now as they’ve gotten older it’s going to become harder and harder to get everyone together.  This Mother’s Day I was lucky to have all my children home and I know this is going to be a rare thing in the coming years. So I spent a simple day with them relaxing and just enjoying each others company.   I even had time to go for a late afternoon stroll outside with my youngest in our garden and managed to take a couple of pictures.  If I would have asked the older children……….well, I guess they would have run a mile.  LOL

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