It was time to take out the piercings!

Here is my eldest daughter Rebecca………she likes to be called Bec!  She’s been contemplating on taking her piercings out for sometime.  These three little pieces of metal were her little trademarks and I’d gotten so use to seeing them.  So, when she came and said that today was the day she would remove them……I was shocked and surprised!  Finally after a photo shoot and Dinner she asked me to grab the camera and take some snaps to document the big occasion.  The bathroom light wasn’t the best, and I guess I’m not use to taking pictures in that sort of light but we managed.  The eye piercing came out without any problems but one of the lip piercings were so tight she couldn’t get it out.  Determined she got the Pliers and with a lot of effort, finally managed to remove all three.  Her tongue bar had been removed months earlier.  Now, I guess there is nothing getting in the way to see those gorgeous big Blue eyes!  🙂

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1 Response to It was time to take out the piercings!

  1. jennycr says:

    She’s so pretty Manuela, not that i have a problem with them but she looks so much prettier with them out.

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