Project 52 Those 100 hours driving!

It’s the beginning of a new year and I’m  going to do a Project 52.  I found that last year I couldn’t keep up with the 365  and I really didn’t realise how much time it would take and what was involved.  So let’s hope that I have a better idea this year and can make it to the end.

I want my project to be about my life and my family, so I chose this photo that I took today to be my starting point.  This one is all about teaching our kids to drive………you know, the Big excitement of getting their learners.  Then comes all the work of raking up 100 hours over the year.  This is my third child and we have until October to complete this task.  The rule of 100 logged hours only came in with my second child.   My sweet Caitie is only small, so finding the right vehicle where she can comfortably reach the pedals was our first hurdle.  Now she’s finally got the main part and we are heading into being able to reverse, 3 point turns,  etc.   I’ll be glad when she finally starts driving with a trained driving instructor.  To have your children driving on the roads is scary enough for all parents.  We sit at home and worry when they finally get their license and they can  drive by themselves.  I’m so thankful when my eldest rings to let me know that she’s on her way home……it’s so comforting.   Then there’s my son…..well he doesn’t like to tell you everything.  It’s normally that he’s heading out to his girlfriends and when to roughly expect him home but I’m slowly getting use to it.  As I said …….3 on the road and 1 to go……………but that’s quite a few years away for the last one.    For now it’s 2 hours roughly a week and I will be glad when that part is over.

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