Day 2 admission for CF Tune up!

I’m so wishing now that I brought my 5D, but with so much to bring already, I had to leave it at home.  Also, I really didn’t want to have to worry about it when leaving the room.  So I apologize for my little pocket camera, but at least it’s documenting our first CF admission and I will be able to make a little book of this for Ebony and her class mates to have a look at.

Day 2

Well where do I start………………Ebony’s meals (special high fat diet and treats) haven’t been coming or when they did get here they have been a couple of hours late.  Not good at all.  She’s had fun times with the physio and the stairs have become a very useful tool during her sessions.  We went down to the gym and played helicopter with the skipping rope and then jump rope games too.  We did lung function again and got 91%  which is a fantastic increase.  We’ve been hooked up with the PICC line as well, but at least they are only short stints and it’s not too bad.  The science lady came today with her microscope, and Ebony really enjoyed it.  She had so much fun looking at all the slides and seeing all the tiny detail that you can’t see with just your eyes.  We also had a special visitor…………..a beautiful long haired dog called “floppy”.  She comes to each child’s bed and sit’s on a blanket while the child brushes her.  This gorgeous pooch lapped up every second of it too. Then it was back to treatments and more physio sessions.  We did get to go down to the hospital school room.  Here they were baking today, but Ebony only got a few minutes down there as she was called back up to talk with the dietitian.   She finally got her first dose of Pulmozyme today and later that night brought up her first “FROG” for the team.  It was gross, big yukky looking thing and horrible colour too.  At least it’s better out than in.   She got woken up at around 11pm to take her antibiotics and well, did she crack up.   The nurse was of old school and expected her to wake up and just swallow the pill.  Well, that’s not Ebony……..she hates being woken up and when the nurse tried to restrain her and force her to take it…………..all hell  broke loose.  I even got kicked in the face due to her fighting and not being able to calm down.  She was so caught up in the moment and didn’t realize that I was at the end of that kick.  Finally things settle down after the nurse leaves and I get Ebony to take the meds.  I was glad that it was bed time.  Fingers crossed  that we have a better day tomorrow.

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